About The Gums

Gum's Gallery officially was established in 2017 at the Australian Open, hosted by the Australia Golf Club in Sydney. The original members of the Gallery had attended the event since 2014 and it was quickly realised that it's a great day on the beers.

Word got out, and our Gallery started to grow. Chants of "Spiethyyyy," the double hand quiet please signal and quadruple parked schooner carries differentiated the Gallery from your ordinary golf spectator.

After heckling Spiethy on his way to winning the 2016 Australian Open, Spieth was asked by the media what he thought of the crowd. He referenced the Gums admiration, stating "They were the right amount of rowdy" and the legend was born!

Gum's Gallery consists of average golfers, ordinary punters and beer enthusiasts that will gather for any excuse to indulge in said characteristics. There is a special bond amongst us Gums. The 'Hallowed Sandy Cap' is the most sacred of possessions amongst the Gallery, and it is what unites us when we are lost returning from the beer line at the Australian Open trying to find the rest of the Gums.

The Gums Gallery will continue to host events and tours to bring the Gums together. It's what we do. Always remember, stay the right amount of rowdy!


Gum's Golf Day 2021
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